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Winter Family Series - Childlike
In the flying snow, accompanied by the sound of dogs barking in the distance, the boy and the little girl rode on a sleigh and galloped from the snowy mountain. He pulled his hat that was about to be blown off by the wind, and supported his sister who was laughing excitedly. , he was always worried about her safety, but the younger sister was young and fearless, enjoying the feeling of flying, so the little husky at the back was eager to keep up with her pace, only to fall into the snowdrift...
漫天飞雪中,伴随着远处传来的犬吠声,少年与小女孩乘坐着雪橇,从雪山上飞驰而来, 他一边扯着快被风吹掉的帽子,一边扶着兴奋大笑的妹妹,时刻担心着其安危,而妹妹年少而无畏,享受着飞翔一般的感觉,只剩下后方的小哈士奇急切想要跟上步伐,结果一头栽到雪堆之中...